Monday, March 21, 2005

Men of Branford

Yale Daily News | In calendar, Branford boys strip for a cause
Screaming "take it off," Yale women crowded into the Branford College common room Friday evening to bid for dates with the Branford senior of their choice, to celebrate the release of the "Men of Branford" calendar and to raise money for a good cause.

The calendar, which was released at the date auction and God Quad party Friday, features pictures of 15 scantily clad Branford seniors. Conceived by Marlon Castillo '05 and Justin Kan '05 during a dining hall lunch conversation in September, the calendar was originally intended to heighten community and senior spirit, Castillo said. But the project grew to include a fund-raiser -- Friday's auction -- which translated the popularity of the calendar into an event for tsunami relief. The date auction raised approximately $500 for Save the Children, Castillo and Kan said.

Kan, the producer of the calendar and "Mr. June," said the idea for a calendar came from his friend in Seattle who invited him to a similar release party in the fall.

"I was a little jealous, so I was like, I'll make my own calendar and have my own calendar release party," Kan said.

Because several of the models are athletes, NCAA rules prevented the sale of the calendars, Smith said. Although students involved asked for donations for the calendars, most of the money raised for Save the Children came from the auction, Castillo said.

Monday, March 14, 2005

This is post one

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The plan is, updates to the main calendar page will at least be mentioned here before they're added there, since this is so much easier to do. It will also function as a "to do" list for myself, as well as a forum for me to talk about the page, or about the calendar phenomenon itself--or to interact with my readers. (That'd be you: Welcome!)