Thursday, September 15, 2005


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Not Miss NYU

Washington Square News | Racy calendar stirs up campus
While NYU students are known for their innovative fundraisers, one CAS senior is besting the benefit rock concerts and even affirmative-action bake sales, with a plan to photograph classmates for a provocative 2006 charity calendar.

In a bid to raise a large donation for the American Cancer Society's annual NYU Relay for Life events, student photographer Gary He will raise money with a bevy of NYU beauties to adorn each of the 12 calendar months.

He's project has been raising eyebrows around campus since its inception in August, which culminated in an all-out residence-hall ban last week against He, a Brooklyn commuter.

... While many commend He's charitable intention, controversy arose over the content of the photos among students and the NYU administration, which enacted the ban after finding out about a proposed risque photo shoot in the Water Street residence hall.

Administrators banned He from all residence halls after gossip spread about He's vision to translate NYU students' anxiety over soaring tuition into a photo depicting one student model splayed across a dorm room bed sporting nothing but $32,000 cash and a come-hither stare.