Monday, November 21, 2005

Some administrative notes

I had to take an unprecedented step last week. When I added the Ana Arce Team Sponsorship Calendar 2006 (which appears to be the official name for the Women's Curling Calendar you may have seen in the news), my hit counters went berserk. For the first time, I maxed out my monthly bandwidth. In response, I've moved the site to a more robust server: Although the Earthlink site still works, I don't know how long that will be true: I suggest you bookmark

I encourage anyone producing a new calendar, or anyone who knows of one, to e-mail me with the scoop. I'll be happy to give you what publicity I can, and I don't even charge for it. In a perfect world, I'd like to know the name of the calendar, the group sponsoring it, the cause that sales will benefit, and the url where people can buy it. Anything else is gravy, although I welcome as much information as you care to share with me. I have to admit I love hearing what your experiences have been like.

And if you'd care to e-mail me a couple of sample pictures from the calendar, that'd be icing on the cake. I'm thinking of revising the look of the site to include images from as many calendars as I can, so that would be helpful.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

What? More?

Homegrown in Cass County
Naked Folk
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Does anyone still have their clothes on?

(It seems like an explosion of calendars, but it really isn't. It's a combination of me having neglected this page for a few months, and October being a natural time to release a calendar for the next year. I wish every one of 'em phenomenal success.)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Prepare to update your bookmarks

The future is coming! I have a domain!

The new home, and new name, for the Nude Calendar Watch will be:
Please, as the phone company says, make a note of it.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Coming soon

I'm in the midst of catching up with all the updates I've been too busy to do for the last few months. (Months?) Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I've just enabled Blogger's word verification on comments. One comment spam is one too many. Please feel free to write me if it proves to be a problem for you. (dtaylor404 is the first part, is the last part, and you know what symbol goes in the middle.)

Not Miss NYU

Washington Square News | Racy calendar stirs up campus
While NYU students are known for their innovative fundraisers, one CAS senior is besting the benefit rock concerts and even affirmative-action bake sales, with a plan to photograph classmates for a provocative 2006 charity calendar.

In a bid to raise a large donation for the American Cancer Society's annual NYU Relay for Life events, student photographer Gary He will raise money with a bevy of NYU beauties to adorn each of the 12 calendar months.

He's project has been raising eyebrows around campus since its inception in August, which culminated in an all-out residence-hall ban last week against He, a Brooklyn commuter.

... While many commend He's charitable intention, controversy arose over the content of the photos among students and the NYU administration, which enacted the ban after finding out about a proposed risque photo shoot in the Water Street residence hall.

Administrators banned He from all residence halls after gossip spread about He's vision to translate NYU students' anxiety over soaring tuition into a photo depicting one student model splayed across a dorm room bed sporting nothing but $32,000 cash and a come-hither stare.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The Girls of Geekdom

I don't know if this really qualifies for this site, but I can't resist.
Now is the time for the Girls of Geekdom to gather, and proclaim in one voice "I'm Smart! I'm Sexy! I'm A Geek!"


I've just updated the main calendar page, which catches me up with everything listed on this blog so far.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Of Mutts and Men

Just received an e-mail:
In Temple, New Hampshire, the Friends of Temple Town Hall are creating a calendar for 2006 called "Of Mutts and Men," as a means of raising funds to renovate our historic Town Hall. Our active committee of Temple residents has to date raised more than $135,000.

The calendar is being designed and photographed by a team of creative professionals and will be produced in full color by one of New England's top printers. Each photo depicts a man or men engaged in an archetypal small-town activity, accompanied by highly photogenic dogs ranging in breed from Jack Russell Terrier to Saint Bernard -- from Mastiff to Mutt.

We go to press in mid-July, and are currently conducting a publicity campaign to attract pre-publication orders.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Stewardesses Stripped (Of Their Pension?) 2006

United Attendants Pose for Risque Calendar
CHICAGO - While some United Airlines employees are using placards and pamphlets to protest the loss of their pensions, a group of flight attendants is taking a more risque tack — showing some skin to publicize their plight.

The five women, ranging in age from 55 to 64, posed for a 2006 calendar that depicts them in various states of undress in front of a vintage plane, on a park bench and on a plane's wing, among other locations. Reflecting a mix of humor and anger, it was released to coincide with a bankruptcy court's approval this week of United's plan to terminate $9.8 billion in employee pension obligations.

Young at Heart 2005

Northwest Explorer | Vistoso 'joke' lasts 12 months
Some jokes take on a life of their own.

Otherwise, Mr. Bulris would not be Mr. December, sporting a big grin, ample skin, and a well-placed bow carefully guarding his modesty.

Actually, none of Vistoso Village's distinguished retirees would be posing as pinups for a wall calendar - Mr. Myhr wouldn't be Mr. March, and Mr. Wiczynski wouldn't be Mr. September - except that somebody made a joke.

That somebody was Judy Humitz. She and her friend Diane Uhl were driving in their gated Vistoso Village community off Rancho Vistoso Boulevard, several months ago, when they spotted a fellow resident out scrubbing his driveway.

"What are you two up to?" Mr. February asked, although at the time he was just Jim Aldrich. His tone implied that "mischief" was his guess.

Humitz hated to disappoint.

"We're scouting for male models for the center of our calendar," she quipped. It was the first thought that entered her mind.

..."What if we made money on it so we could get something we need?" Humitz wondered, after more than a couple of men facetiously vied for prime calendar spots.

RugbyGuys 2006

American & Canadian RugbyGuys come together to support young athletes & international sports.
Recently, a group of amazing athletes donated their good looks and personalities to create the first RugbyGuys Calendar.

This is a very special project to help benefit the many young amateur athletes in need of sponsorship. Most young athletes striving for Olympic gold or the elite level of competition do not have large corporate sponsors. They are forced to raise their own money for training and competition. This is even more difficult when the athlete is from a developing country. Sometimes, the simple price of a plane ticket to bring them to the sports competition costs more than they would normally make in a year.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Men of Branford

Yale Daily News | In calendar, Branford boys strip for a cause
Screaming "take it off," Yale women crowded into the Branford College common room Friday evening to bid for dates with the Branford senior of their choice, to celebrate the release of the "Men of Branford" calendar and to raise money for a good cause.

The calendar, which was released at the date auction and God Quad party Friday, features pictures of 15 scantily clad Branford seniors. Conceived by Marlon Castillo '05 and Justin Kan '05 during a dining hall lunch conversation in September, the calendar was originally intended to heighten community and senior spirit, Castillo said. But the project grew to include a fund-raiser -- Friday's auction -- which translated the popularity of the calendar into an event for tsunami relief. The date auction raised approximately $500 for Save the Children, Castillo and Kan said.

Kan, the producer of the calendar and "Mr. June," said the idea for a calendar came from his friend in Seattle who invited him to a similar release party in the fall.

"I was a little jealous, so I was like, I'll make my own calendar and have my own calendar release party," Kan said.

Because several of the models are athletes, NCAA rules prevented the sale of the calendars, Smith said. Although students involved asked for donations for the calendars, most of the money raised for Save the Children came from the auction, Castillo said.

Monday, March 14, 2005

This is post one

Just to see what it looks like.
And this is a blockquote, just to check formatting. I believe that will do nicely.
The plan is, updates to the main calendar page will at least be mentioned here before they're added there, since this is so much easier to do. It will also function as a "to do" list for myself, as well as a forum for me to talk about the page, or about the calendar phenomenon itself--or to interact with my readers. (That'd be you: Welcome!)