Monday, July 07, 2008

Women of UW

The idea of a UW calendar came from a group of about five business students enrolled in "Entrepreneurship: Creating a Company." The two-quarter-long class requires students to form companies, write a business plan, pitch the idea to real investors and use investors' money to launch their business. [Daily of the University of Washington.]
The group's initial business plan: Produce both "Men of the UW" and "Women of UW" calendars with photographs of cute college students and sell them on campus.

But after conducting a little market research -- surveying business experts and potential buyers who would shell out $15 for a 2007-2008 calendar -- the team of budding entrepreneurs found little demand for the men's version.

"The men were much more into the idea. ... We probably got twice as many male models as female models," said Zachary Meissner, a UW junior and the financial officer of the group that created the calendar. "But at the same time, the males were also way more willing to purchase the product." [Seattle Post-Intelligencer.]
Well, duh.

The URL doesn't go anywhere useful (not surprising, the class must be done by now), so I presume that win, lose, or draw, the calendar is no longer available. I hope it worked out well for everyone involved.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Scorchers Cricket Club

The Scorchers’ lads were swinging the willow, so to speak, at John Blanck Oval on Thursday afternoon, dropping their pants to raise some much-needed cash for the club, by way of a nude calendar.

Despite the media attention, the goading of team mates and the fact that both the photographer and make-up artist were female, the lads de-robed, cracked a nervous grin and jumped in front of the camera. [ story, and a gallery]
The story said they'd set a date "later", but I can't confirm that.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Art of Sport

The girls who call themselves The Sisterhood have produced a charity calendar in which they pose as a variety of athletes.

But they didn't need any costumes.

The flirty little tennis dress, the impossibly clinging ski outfits and even the cricketer's pads were simply painted onto their naked bodies. [Daily Mail]

"The Sisterhood is an elite group of female athletes talented in many ways, toned to perfection, with killer looks and on a mission to keep boldly going where no other girl has gone before."

The Art of Sport calendar costs £7 £4.99 and proceeds will go to the CHASE Ben Hollioake Fund and The Babes in Arms Appeal at Northwick Park Hospital. The calendar is available from the Sun Calendar Shop.