Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ancaster Athletic Football Club

NORA Hardwick, a 102-year-old pensioner, poses topless and becomes one of the oldest women ever to appear in a nude calendar.

The former-councillor, from Lincolnshire, became Miss November to raise cash for her local football team, Ancaster Athletic.

Pub regular Nora - who covered her chest with a strategically-placed scarf - downed a small glass of whiskey before getting her kit off for the photograph.

She told us: "I'd never done anything like it before - and I doubt I will again.

"I just thought 'go for it' and I'm so glad I did!"

Story from the Sun Online, as found in the Courier Mail, Grantham Journal and The Footie (World Soccer News). And countless other places since she appeared with Jay Leno...

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