Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Can't we all just get along... naked?

Well, this was unexpected.

The amateur rights for the [stage] play, based on the true story of members of Rylstone and District Women's Institute in Yorkshire stripping off for a charity calendar, are being released for the first time for 12 months from 1 September next year. The producers hope to establish a Guinness World Record for the most productions of one play in a year, with a percentage of the royalties going to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

But the limited window – combined with unprecedented demand – is frustrating drama groups. Mr Pugh has received angry telephone calls from some "very forthright" amateur dramatics societies complaining that other local groups are also planning to stage the play. In some cases, they are "fighting over" the same theatre or church hall.
Now, if every group who wanted to produce this play just ignored the others and went ahead and did it, I could foresee a number of things happening.
  • A world record well and truly shattered
  • Massive amounts of money for leukemia research, surely not a bad thing
  • An unprecedented amount of female nudity (of, ahem, more mature nature than average)
  • Saturation of the market?
Really? That's what they're afraid of? Too many naked old ladies? And they can say that with a straight face?

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