Saturday, January 21, 2012

Put your clothes back on, dears!

Put your clothes back on, dears! | Mail Online
Yes, I am afraid it is that special time of year again. The time when the good people of this country take on their favourite charity by taking off their clothes. The time for the rest of us to shop, to dig deep, to look though rose-tinted spectacles and choose the best nude charity calendars of 2012. And this year, there seem to be more calendars than ever before.
A part of you might want to scream ‘People of Britain, put your clothes back on!’ But no country on earth has taken to this naked act of charity more than the Brits.
That's probably true. As a percentage of the total population, we've probably seen more undraped Englishwomen than any other nationality. But although the extended headline begs Britons to stop losing their kit, the article itself presents a more friendly attitude. Ms Moir gives plenty of welcome attention to dozens of good people and their many worthy charities, which is really what it's all about.

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