Sunday, September 16, 2007

Calendar Girls Get Dressed

Naked librarians. Naked folk singers. Middle-aged village women posing nude. As for the anything goes as long as it's going to charity, thirteen of Britain's top topless models have said enough is enough.

With tongue in cheek humor, the models hold that modeling nude should be left to the professionals.
So, in a classic tipping of a sacred cow, the models have decided to put out a calendar of their own, only no one will be taking off their clothes. Instead, the models, who will be bucking the current calendar charity trend of scantily-clad amateurs, strike a professional pose fully-clothed in Calendar Girls Get Dressed For Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

...According to photographer Stuart White, "I wanted to let the glamour girls make fun of themselves. Their normal image is all to do with partying and the high life, which is why all the portraits show them finding their housework difficult."

It doesn't quite fit the stated purpose of my list, but really, how can you resist? From The Cancer Blog. Buy the calendar at Lulu.

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