Thursday, September 20, 2007

Top Shots: Women of Professional Golf

This is a 2007 calendar, but it's back in the news lately because one of the golfers, Nikki Garrett, is suing Zoo Weekly magazine for defamation and breach of copyright. Apparently Zoo Weekly, a "ladmag", not only printed the accompanying picture without permission (oops), but suggested that Ms Garrett was the kind of woman who would want to appear in Zoo Weekly.

Buy it from, if you can. (It's officially sold out, but still available as a premium with purchase of Fantom golf balls.) See also Sydney Morning Herald (and again), Fox Sports, World of Golf, Golfblogger, If all you want is pictures, well, I'm torn. I should encourage you to support the charity rather than mention the Golf-babes blog, where most of the photos can be seen for free if you search for them.

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