Friday, October 10, 2008

Luann's "Hot Firefighters Calendar"

OK, this one's not real. I just thought you might like to know about it. And anything that further mainstreams the concept is OK by me.

In the current storyline in Luann, the fire department has lost funding for their school fire safety program. TJ suggests they produce a "Hot Firefighters Calendar", and much to Brad's surprise, everyone is on board with the idea -- even Toni, the one firefighter everyone agrees belongs in such a calendar.

The arc started on September 15, which is about a week away from rolling off's archive. This isn't the first "cheesecake/beefcake" calendar to hit the funny pages: Stone Soup's Wally and Phil appeared in one back in 2002.

UPDATE: The arc ended sweetly, at least for now, last Saturday (10/12) when the last photo was shot. The "calendar" may return when it's eventually "published".

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Anonymous said...

would love to get one of these calendar