Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Wunderful Cookbook for Beach Bums

They were topless on the beach, topless in Acme’s eggs and bacon section and cooking in kitchens all over town wearing only a red hat and a smile.

These uninhibited, Cape May babes are at it again and they want you to see what they are doing. They call themselves the Beach Bums and they appearing on the cover and on each page of “A Wunderful Cookbook for Beach Bums,” a project to raise funds for local resident Robbie Wunder who became a paraplegic following a swimming pool accident.

...The cookbooks may be ordered by mail by sending $11 payable to Beach Bum Cookbook, P.O. Box 495,Cape May, N.J. 08204.

The books are also available at Love the Cook and The Whale’s Tale on the Washington Street Mall, The Nature Center of Cape May, Swains Hardware, By the Sea, next to the Beach Theatre, Sunset Beach Gift Shop, Cape May Winery on Townbank Road, Love the Cook, Stone Harbor and Dock Mike’s at the South Jersey Marina.
Yes, I realize it's not a calendar (although the group did "nude" calendars in 2005 and 2006 -- which I think I missed). It's close enough. Story from Cape May County Herald.


Anonymous said...

bring back the calendars! they make a great christmas gift!!! better than a cookbook.

Carol D. said...

It looks awesome! And it's great that it's for a wonderful cause.