Monday, September 12, 2011

In Bed with the Nightshift

The Nightshift Blog Week 60: Laura Keenan
Well the last two weeks have been very glamorous and exciting, as you’ve no doubt heard we had the photoshoot for The Nightshift contribution to the STV Appeal 2011...aaah yes the charity calendar aptly titled “In Bed with the Nightshift.”
I’m not gonna lie, I hate getting my picture taken, when they said they wanted me in nightwear I was less than keen, but then they told me what the appeal was all about and I gladly let them remove the metaphorical gun from my head! Now, I know it seems incongruous that I was willing to be dressed up like a lady of loose morals to raise money for children BUT weird as it may sound, in an effort to give Nightshifters a smile and a giggle while they raised money for a fabulous cause – that is indeed what I did! Great fun it was too!
Wait til you see the calendar! In fact, they go on sale today!!! Go straight to The Nightshift website and if you look at the middle of the page on the left hand side you’ll see The Nightshift logo and the link to buy the 2012 calendar! They are selling like hotcakes already which is fabulous as all the money raised in Scotland stays in Scotland! :D
Wait a minute, she's a television presenter and she hates to have her picture taken? Funny line of work to get into.

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