Sunday, October 09, 2011

BBC News - Why do we still buy calendars?

BBC News - Why do we still buy calendars?

The continued level of interest in this most analogue of devices is all the more remarkable given that it has, at least in theory, been superseded by technology. Now smartphones come equipped with personal diary planners and online calendars are available to all.
But wander through any shopping centre and it quickly becomes apparent that the traditional version remains popular.
...The genre continues to evolve. Since the ladies of Rylstone Women's Institute posed naked to raise money for leukaemia research - a venture immortalised in the 2003 film Calendar Girls - the charity sector has witnessed an explosion of similar nude collaborations.
Well, thanks for mentioning it.

Let's see here. We could get a smallish flat screen dedicated monitor and mount it on the kitchen wall near the refrigerator (I'm not brave enough to try to hang it on the fridge door). Define it as a secondary display to the nearest computer and show a browser window of Google Calendar. Update it with a nearby wireless keyboard. Download your favorite images from the Hubble and use them as wallpaper. The technology is up to it.

But is that really more efficient than a whiteboard and dry-erase marker? Or, if you're on a budget, a paper calendar and a 39 cent pen?

To a man with a hammer, the world looks like a nail. I love my computer, but I still have a calendar next to the back door.

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