Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Irish Farmers

Back by popular demand Ireland’s naked Farmers Calendar | IrishCentralOnce again Irish farmers have shed their clothes in the name of charity and good fun for the Irish Farmers 2012 Calendar, 100% Beef. Already the calendar is selling like hot-cakes (or dare I say beef-cakes) in the UK and Germany.
The Irish organized calendar, now in its second year, continues to give a quarter of its profits to Bothar. This Irish charity has been sending livestock to the developing world since 1991.
Buy it here for €10 plus shipping.

The Irish Central reader response raises a valid point: Nobody's naked in this calendar. The word "naked" (and its near-synonym "nude") have been badly corrupted and devalued in common discourse. The article repeatedly mentions "naked Irish farmers" when they are nothing of the kind: They are shirtless only, and seeing as they're all men that shouldn't be a big deal. (The calendar itself doesn't use either word.)

I called this blog "Naked Charity" as a shorthand, but relatively few of these calendars actually feature unambiguously naked people. Am I contributing to the decay?

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