Sunday, October 02, 2011

University of Portsmouth

Nude charity calender faces the axe after unedited pictures were posted online | Mail Online
Pictures of students from the University of Portsmouth's calendar have ended up on porn websites.
Photographs have also been posted on forums where they have been viewed and commented on thousands of times.
The pictures which went into the calendar were edited to preserve the girls' modesty, but the ones uploaded online were unedited.
I'm a little concerned that the Daily Mail doesn't know how to spell "calendar", but that's a minor issue here.

So, how did "unedited" pictures get out in the first place? The internet doesn't creep into your computer and suck things out of it.
Makers of the calendar believe a university student may be responsible for uploading the photos.
Gee, ya think? That's some mighty fine police work there, Lou.

The calendars have raised quite a bit of money over the years. I'm sorry to see the girls, the school, and the charity suffer for their good intentions.

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